Los Angeles News: Spring Is Nicer With Vesnivka

Thirty three. Exactly the number of boys and girls which came to our city from Kyiv the day before the 10th anniversary of the Chornobyi disaster. Not just any kids came: the Vesnivka children's choir arrived in Los Angeles on a performance tour—the pearl of the October Palace (remembered by every Kyivite), now renamed the International Center for Culture and Arts. Those who attended Vesnivka's first concerts either in the squalid Fiesta Hall of Plammer Park or in the concert hall of the rich Adat Ariel Synagogue were charmed by the masterful and talented Kyiv school children. "Great!", "Wonderful!", "Stunning!' Discriminating Los Angeles concert goers made such comments about the choir and its choir master Zhanna Sosnovska. Mayor Richard Riordan left his office for two hours in order to meet with the children from the frightening Chornobyl zone, and after the concert anxiously exclaimed, "Your choir is number one! I haven't heard better."

And we, enjoying the angelic songs of the children's choir group, can only express our warmest thanks to the coordinators-sponsors of the performance tour of the young artists: Rabbi Airy Bigeleisen (Los Angeles), the owner of the travel agency "Polina Portfolio, Polina Yevserova (Los Angeles), the Solar television company (Kyiv), and the director of the International Center for Culture and Arts, Volodymyr Olyaniuk (Kyiv).

P.S. On April 24, 1996, the Vesnivka choir celebrates its sixth anniversary. The Editorial staff of our newspaper congratulates the choir group and wishes the marvelous girls and boys from the capital of Ukraine the very highest creative heights.

If you were not able to attend the concert of the young Kyivites, you can fill the gap by tuning your TV to TV Raduga on Sunday, 28 April (please see program on page 36).


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